Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Canlas

If you’re not already acquainted with his work, I’d love to introduce you to one of today’s most inspiring wedding photographers: Jonathan Canlas.  He works exclusively in film, which in itself is an accomplishment in an ever increasing digital world, but his work is astounding regardless of the medium.  He hosts multiple film conferences each year in various cities around the world and travels extensively for top clients.  He is also a darling family man and has plenty of proof of that on his blog.

Jonathan canlas FINDjonathancanlasFIND

When I first met Jonathan in 2008 he was a guest speaker in a class I was taking on film.  He had some wonderful insights on posing and being a welcome guest at an event, and not just an annoying person clicking away in everyone’s faces.  I found his ideas refreshing and have been implementing them in my work ever since.  I love cultivating a relationship with my clients and it was Jonathan that first opened me up to how to do so.  He’s also got an amazing eye and a real talent at finding light.  See some of his most recent work here: